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Welcome to Super Vintage Lighter ZIPPO Outside Hinge(1933-1936) Laboratory!

First of all,
the books which I, as a writer of this article, have now are
Zippo Manual 1. edited by Kesaharu Imai
Zippo Manual 2. edited by Kesaharu Imai
Zippo Manual 3. edited by Kesaharu Imai
Zippo Manual 4. edited by Kesaharu Imai
Zippo wo yo mu! written by Hiroshi Kito, published by Kenichi Hirano
Cigarette Lighters edited by S.Schneider & G.Fischler
Zippo The Great American Lighter edited by David Poore
and after mastering these books I announce the parts which have not been discussed in those books.

For people who were not interested in Zippo before...
These Zippo Manual Vol.1-4 are written in both English and Japanese so that Zippo collectors and dealers all over the world apply as the dictionary of ZIPPO.

The formal "Zippo Lighter collector's Guide" issued by Zippo is 34 pages long, where as the Zippo Manuals count 1280 pages in total and the size of the book is four times larger. It contains the reports about the products along with years starting the year of 1933. This can be simply calculated to be 150 times as many as a "Zippo Lighter collector's Guide". Even if it is written in two languages and many pictures are present in the Zippo Manuals, the amount of information remains, at least, more than ten times. (However, the "Zippo Lighter collector's Guide" is associated with variety of important information which others don't point out

Zippo collectors and dealers all over the world recognize the value (scarce value) based on the Zippo Manuals and collect or deal.
In the same purpose for the collectors and dealers, "Zippo by David Poor" is written in English and has price pages so that it attracts lots of American collectors to read.

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