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ZIPPO Lighter
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Let's start with the appearance of zippo.
Square zippos (1933-36) are made by human hands.
"The heights of zippo vary, because human made them."
What do you think?

Take a good look at the picture below.


I put the zippo in descending order from the right.
You see the difference?

Let's compare the two, the most right and the most left.


The 1/32 inch of the difference in height can be observed.

Let's switch the position of these two.


They are the almost same height.

What does it mean?
The answer is easy.
The square tubes are cut in the same length, however the bottom plate and top plate are soldered by hands.
The slight differences of angle during the process of soldered cause the difference in height.

Zippo itself is made out of square tube and has been soldered to the 0.5inch x 1.5inch plate on the top and the bottom.

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